Planet Rebus is under attack from rotten super-villain Lug. Lug is determined to destroy its fun energy and turn it into a place full of nasty junk food and lazy children.

But Lug is unaware of Vee and Jay’s amazing super powers and Derby’s strong young recruits who might just be able to save the day.

Can you help Vee and Jay save Rebus?

Are you Superhero fit?

There’s only one way to find out Cadet – try completing Vee and Jay’s mega missions!

We’re sure you can do it!

We know you know you can do it!

Mission One
The superheroes need to eat a balanced diet to keep their bodies healthy and strong to reclaim their planet from Lug.

Can you find out what a healthy diet is to help the superheroes?

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Mission Two
Vee and Jay have used all their fuel travelling to earth to ask for your help.

Their spacecraft is powered by walking, biking and scooting.

Can you help them to refuel their spaceship by walking, biking and scooting to school as often as you can?

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Mission Three
Eating lots of different coloured fruit and vegetables is the secret behind the superheroes’ special powers.

Since Lug has landed on Rebus the superheroes powers have begun to fail.

Can you help them to regain their powers by eating as many different colours of fruit and vegetables as you can?

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Mission Four
The superheroes need to make sure they are fit so they can handle whatever Lug throws at them.

Can you help the superheroes by finding a different way to be active every day this week?

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Mission Five
Since Lug arrived the superheroes have stopped moving around and are watching so much TV their bodies are losing all their energy.

Can you switch off the TV at home and think of ways to get the superheroes moving again?

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Mission Six
Lug has brought fizzy pop to Rebus and has tricked the superheroes into drinking it.

Their teeth have begun to rot and they can’t concentrate very well.

Can you help them to recover by swapping sugary drinks and fizzy pop for water instead?

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